Sophie Ball



Counselling is a client-centred approach which can help you build resilience to overcome the challenges of day-to-day life, as well as address long standing struggles. Counselling offers you the opportunity to explore your hopes, dreams, thoughts and feelings in a safe and supported way. Treatment with a counsellor is based on the premise of trust and non-judgement.


Our counsellors use evidence-based, therapeutic interventions, which are tailored to your unique life circumstances to support you to better health and wellbeing. Treatment aims to help you develop your interpersonal skills, and gain insight to promote growth on personal, professional and spiritual levels.


Our counsellors take a wholistic approach, taking into consideration your individual, family, social and cultural contexts when helping you to resolve a specific challenge, difficulty or long-standing problem. Our counsellors help you to develop and identify practical strategies to better manage stressors and address the fundamental beliefs and opinions you have which may be limiting you to reach your full potential.


Counselling at Bayside Health Nook is suitable for adolescents, adults and older adults experiencing:

- Anxiety / Depressive symptoms

- Grief

- Low self esteem

- Adjustment problems (e.g. first time parents, recently diagnose

   medical condition, disability, retirement / loss of job)

- Infertility / hormonal issues

- Relationship difficulties

- Family breakdown

Each session is 50 minutes long. Rebate with some private health funds is available.