Mother and Toddler Exercise

Family Fitness

We realise the importance of being able to improve and maintain your fitness throughout every stage of life, including when you have little people to accommodate.

We believe that modelling a healthy lifestyle, and including exercise as part of your family routine is so important to develop habits that last a lifetime. That is why we offer small group classes where everyone is welcome.

Our Postnatal Pilates Mat Classes offer women a wonderful opportunity to gently bring their bodies back into alignment after the rigors of childbirth while spending quality time interacting and bonding with their babies. Designed for new mums, this class starts to re-engage the pelvic floor and core muscles while building strength and stamina in the whole body. This gently paced workout incorporates small props (and your babies) that will leave no muscle ignored- as we work to create a stronger and more resilient you. Working on creating a better awareness of how we sit, stand and move allows you to place less stress on your body and move more efficiently. 

Babies will be incorporated into the workout at various points. Have them on your tummy when doing some gentle core work, in a front carrier or sling for the standing arm series or on the floor watching you as you do the kneeling exercises. There will be periods when it's just mom exercising while your baby is next to you in their car seat or secure carrier

Our parent and Baby/Toddler classes are aimed at parents who are wanting to reconnect with fitness, without missing out on time with the new members of the family. Babies are welcome to relax in their pram, or be involved in the classes. Our Physiotherapist will integrate exercises, and play and development advice for bub. The main exercise focus is on good back care, mobility, strength and endurance to accommodate the adaptations through this every changing life-stage (and a bit of relaxation / breath control!). 

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We also have a children's space located directly adjacent to the gym where children can relax in a safe environment, and parents can still keep an eye on them, whilst they are participating in our other sessions.