Knee Rehabilitation Class

It's time to say goodbye to knee pain!

Bayside Health Nook's Knee Rehabilitation Program is aimed at conditions including osteoarthritis, knee replacements, meniscus tears, ligament tears, degeneration & pain.

Personalised home & gym exercise programs.

You can feel confident and educated with our Exercise Physiologist providing the necessary care to ensure you are living comfortably with the maximum range of movement.

Classed held by our Exercise Physiologist.

What's in store?

It's all about maintenance...


Warm up

Stretching & mobility exercises for pain relief

Strengthening of specific muscles

Balance & proprioception training

Each class runs for 45 minutes and will be under the guidance of one of our amazing Exercise Physiologists.

Our classes are kept small!

Classes are capped to ensure each person is given ample assistance and that personalised programs are provided!

We care about our clients, and thats why each participant will be given an individual home / gym exercise program to continue on with to maintain the best results possible.


Individualised exercises are based on each participants current function & fitness levels, as well as condition and pain levels.


Bookings are essential and a 1: 1 assessment must be completed prior to program commencement.

Quality Care

Classes held at
72 Pine Street

Please note - Bookings are essential and classes subject to change.
Classes may be cancelled to make way for emergency bookings.