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Lets get this WRITE (Ages 5-7)

Does your child struggle with:

  • Holding the pencil and sitting at the table well? 

  • Drawing lines and shapes? 

  • Starting to write their names?

Skills we target in this class:


  • Developing mature pencil grip 

  • Assume and maintain sitting posture at the table 

  • Form pre-writing shapes and simple letters 

  • Postural stability and strength  

  • Fine motor and dexterity 


The enrolment will start with a screening assessment where we determine if your child will benefit from the class and identify strengths and challenges that your child may have with handwriting.


If suitable, they will receive 4-5 individual sessions to help improve their handwriting skills. Classes will run as an intensive block consisting of 4 sessions over a 1-week period during the school holidays and/or 1 session per week over 4-5 weeks. After which, resources and information will be provided to parents for the continuation of practice at home and in school. 

Our intensive programs are for both
private & NDIS funded clients