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Let's get this WRITE 8+

    Does your child struggle with:

  • Writing letters and numbers? 

  • Drawing and copying complex shapes? 

  • Maintaining posture to participate in writing activities? 

  • Maintaining neat and legible handwriting within time constraints? 

  • Creating and organising ideas in an orderly manner? 

    Skills we target in this class: 

  • Developing mature pencil grip 

  • Assume and maintain sitting posture at the table 

  • Developing and maintaining neat and tidy handwriting 

  • Developing appropriate handwriting speeds 

  • Developing planning and organisational skills 


The enrolment will start with a screening assessment where we determine if your child will benefit from the class, identify strengths and challenges that your child may have with handwriting and to group them with other children of similar interest and levels of ability. If suitable, they will receive 4-5 group sessions 

to help improve their handwriting skills.


Classes will occur once a week over 4-5 weeks. After which, 

resources and information will be provided to parents for the continuation of practice at home and in school. 

Our intensive programs are for both
private & NDIS funded clients