Emma Ferguson

Clinical Nutritionist BSc

Emma is a passionate clinical nutritionist dedicated to delivering a holistic, results- driven, personalised approach, that not only educates but empowers her clients. Using her knowledge in biochemistry, pathophysiology and pathology to support and maintain desired changed. Emma believes optimum health comes not only from food but encompassing mental, physical and emotional well-being is conjunction with a balanced diet. 

Areas of special interest are, but not limited to:

  • Female hormone imbalance

  • Weight loss

  • Mood, stress and sleep

  • Digestive health

  • Children’s health

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Kirsty Doig

Dietitian APD

 Kirsty is extremely passionate about helping others optimising their health and lifestyle through nutrition and diet intervention, by supporting clients in a personal and practical sense. Kirsty has a special interest in paediatric dietetics, and finds it very valuable and rewarding work. Kirsty also provides support to adults to navigate the world of food and nutrition, which at times can be challenging.


  • Picky/fussy eating

  • Growth/nutritional concerns

  • Weight management

  • Pregnancy, infant and toddler nutrition


  • Chronic disease management

  • General healthy eating

  • Weight management

  • Nutritional deficiencies