Nutritionist / Dietitian

Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)


An APD is a university qualified practitioner who assists clients in adjusting their food and/or supplement intake to improve performance or manage a wide range of health conditions. They are registered with the Dietitian's Association of Australia, which requires them to meet certain competency standards and consistently keep their knowledge up to date with the evidence. 


Our Dietitian offers a wide range of services and individualised nutrition plans that can help you optimise your health and wellbeing.  Services offered by Bayside Health Nook include:

* Sports Nutrition

* Diabetes

* Muscle Gain

* Fat Loss

* Gastrointestinal Disorders

* Food Intolerances

*We also offer other dietary services not listed above, which are based on the individual dietary needs and requirements of clients.


What to expect from your initial consultation:

In your first consult, our Dietitian will get all of your relevant background history, current dietary habits and your goals. They will then take this information to create a detailed nutrition plan intended to get you to your goals, while fitting into your specific needs and lifestyle. Then they will also go through the ins and outs of specific aspects of the plan to help build upon your nutrition knowledge and understanding.

Follow-up sessions:

Follow-ups are an important part of the process as a means of monitoring progress, evaluating the effectiveness of the dietary changes and promoting ongoing accountability. Review appointments provide the opportunity to adjust the plan based on changes in body composition, appetite, training, food preferences and more.



What does a Nutritionist do? Believe it or not, nutrition is more than creating meal plans for clients. This probably occurs a lot less than you may think. Yes, food plays a major role during a consult, but the focus is on the biochemistry that the food you are consuming plays within your body. Is your body absorbing these nutrients properly? Are you in pain? Are uncomfortable before or after meals? Our intestines are a major site for not just nutrient breakdown but nutrient absorption also. Ensuring that your body is not just absorbing but breaking down nutrients effectively lies at the core of our work. The bodys' chemistry is what keep us in homeostasis and this is what we work towards achieving. As a Clinical Nutritionist I aim to educate my clients giving them control over their health. 


GUT HEALTH. Our gut plays a major role in our health and this often an area that we focus on. Reducing inflammation and ensuring you are not feeding and or growing any nasties that shouldn’t be there. Pain, bloating, burping and excessive gas are signs that the food you are consuming may not be working for your body.


BALANCING HORMONES. Especially in females this can be key to many symptoms experienced. Period pain, mood swings, brain fog, irritability, bloating, cramping as well as trouble losing weight. 

WEIGHT LOSS. Of course we can assist with weigh loss. Or provide meal plans to where needed. More often then not, weight loss comes about when working on the above (Gut health and hormones) which in turn is looking at our bodys' biochemistry, bringing it back into homeostasis.