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Emily Cox

Paediatric Physiotherapy

At BHN Kids, Paediatric Physiotherapy offers early intervention and treatment for infants, toddlers, school age and adolescent children who may have neurological and developmental delays as well as sensory impairments related to hearing and vision. Paediatric physiotherapy is play based and uses specific activities to encourage age appropriate gross motor milestones, community engagement, improve self esteem and help foster healthy life long habits. Physiotherapy also helps children with biomechanical , positional and sports injuries.

Completing additional training in Paediatric Physiotherapy, our therapists skills include assessing, planning and treating paediatric conditions and screening for neurological disorders such as cerebral palsy. Our therapists also screens for musculoskeletal deformities such as developmental dysplasia of the hip, brachial plexus injury and torticollis. Often, learning difficulties can be accompanied by physical performance delay. Assessing gross motor skills can help flag the areas of delay including; speech delay, hand writing difficulties and sensory processing disorders.











Our paediatric physiotherapists areas of expertise include:

- Toe walking

- W sitting / Hip instability

- Frequent falling / tripping

- Flat back of head (Brachycephaly)

- Not rolling, crawling or walking

- Stiff neck (Torticollis)

- Sore heels (Severs Disease)

- Sore knees (Osgood-Schlatters disease)

- Irritable hip

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BHN Kids accepts

TCA Referrals, Private & NDIS clients.