School Readiness

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By now you know that we treat adults, and are a child friendly environment, but did you know we are very focussed on treating children as well?

Our team of Paediatric Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists are here to help prepare our children to live their best life! whether that is from early childhood developmental delay, school readiness, emotional regulation, fine and gross motor skill acquisition, and language and communication skills.

It is important that a child has a happy and successful start to school, and any limitations in physical, social, behaviour or communication need to be addressed in a timely manner.

Our team of therapists can work in conjunction to provide a holistic assessment and therapeutic program as required. during the initial assessment an idea of the strengths and areas for development of the child are identified, and then in collaboration with the family suitable goals are set and a program of group and individual sessions are booked, with home/school based activities set.

puzzle problem solving, group activities strengthen bonds and develop confidence in childs abilities
Problem solving should be fun!

Children love to learn new things, but just like the rest of us, love getting positive reinforcement, so tend to self select activities that the are already good at. this means that areas that are challenging for them don't get the attention required to improve.

By spending some time encouraging and directing activities that build on these skills, your and your child can spend some quality time together whilst ensuring good skill acquisition.

Don't forget to ask daycare/kindy teachers for feedback on areas that they identify that may need addressing, such as ability to sit still, follow direction, or emotional regulation. We all know that children don't always behave in the same way at home and with others!

And as with all things that take time, reward and encouragement is important, but remember to reward the effort, not the outcome.

We are beginning School Readiness Assessments mid January, so if you are concerned regarding your child's ability to perform any of the skills in the table below, please feel free to contact us to book an appointment to ascertain your child's strengths and areas for development. From here we are able to set goals in conjunction with family and design a program or individual and group sessions as appropriate to help them get the best start possible.

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Age appropriate skills for children going to school

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