Counting sheep and still no sleep?

Did you know that difficulty getting to sleep and poor sleep quality can be a consequence of tension in your muscles?

Without good sleep we fail to refresh our mental and physical ability and even stop our brain from being able to learn!

Here are some of the ways in which massage therapy help with sleep:

  • Avoid the tossing and turning, massage relaxes your nervous system to make it easier and more comfortable to get to sleep

  • Keep yourself at the top of your game, massage will improve sleep quality and quantity

  • Wake with ease and the energy to spring out of bed, massage will leave you with less pain and stiffness at the start of the day and throughout

  • Tension often equals mental stress so a massage will decrease tension in the mind for days and can cut through years of stress!

All of these benefits can be felt immediately and the only hard work is getting off our massage table!

Scrap the sleeping pills, quit resenting your bed and keep yourself sharp.


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