Here's why you might want to postpone running out to buy that Gym Membership this New Year...

“Getting into shape” is a very common New Year's resolution that we’ve all heard and may have even made. Research shows that January is the most common time for people to purchase gym memberships, however gym attendance seems to drop significantly after the second month of the year.

Around this time of year, we tend to have a lot of clients come in with aches and pains that may be aggravation of a previous injury or a new one. This often occurs because they have gone too hard too soon with their “getting into shape” goal.

When we significantly increase or change our exercise regime there is definitely a risk that the body will be overloaded which can lead to pain and injury. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t change or increase your exercise, it’s about doing it in a safe way. This is where an exercise physiologist (EP) can help!

EPs take into account your current physical fitness, medical history and of course your goals when creating an exercise program. There is a graded approach to exercise routines – so we’re not going from 0 to 100.

At Bayside Health Nook we have exercise classes run by our EPs. These are a great option if you find you tend to end up with injuries or pain when exercising. The team provides a safe place for you to work towards your goal with ample support.

Get in contact with the friendly team at Bayside Health Nook if you are interested in starting 2021 the right way!

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