NEW: BHN Online Pilates Classes

Continue developing your pilates during COVID-19 restrictions from the comfort of your own home.

Bayside Health Nook is pleased to announce that in addition to our online exercise physiology classes and telehealth appointments for all our practitioners, you can now also continue with your pilates classes via the internet.

As with all our Pilates the classes will remain small allowing us to cater the exercises to your individual needs. Plus with video calling we can still monitor your technique and provide feedback in real time. Telehealth sessions don't require any equipment, but if you happen to have some that you want to use we can incorporate them into your class.

We are also happy to take suggestions of alternative class times or to book in for 1-1 sessions if you prefer. Simply contact us at the clinic.

Sign up online or call us on 07) 3162 2778

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