Physiotherapy for pregnancy and beyond

It is amazing the amount of changes a womans body goes through during pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. The physical, hormonal and psychological challenges are many and can have disruptive side effects such as pain (particularly around the pelvis, ribs and back), incontinence, abdominal muscle separation and pelvic organ prolapse. While it can be seen as just a normal part of womanhood it actually isn't and you don't have to just put up with unpleasant symptoms. In the majority of cases there are vast improvements that can be made. Physiotherapists skilled in women's health can make a big difference during this amazing stage of life.

Your women's health appointment will take place in a private consultation room where your Physiotherapist will ask you questions about your symptoms. We understand these can be sensitive topics and take your privacy seriously.

For treatment your Physio will use a combination of hands on treatments, simple exercises and strategies for managing your condition . Usually a series of appointments will be required. Depending on your level of cover the appointments can be claimed on private health insurance.

It's fine if you need to bring your baby with you, your health is important and we get that it isn't always possible to leave your baby to get to appointments!

If you are unsure if symptoms you are dealing with are 'normal' please feel free to call our clinic, or book online to see our Womens Health Physiotherapist Natalie! As a new Mum herself Nat is able to fully understand and provide quality care to her patients.

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