Staying active at home - let's get those steps up!

Restrictions are slowly starting to be lifted which is great for the prospect of getting out and about more. However many people are still working from home, home-schooling or just not able to leave the house much yet. If you have a smartphone or other smart device that measures number of steps or amount of activity per day you might be shocked at the low low numbers compared to your usual.

Even office workers usually move about while commuting to/from work, getting up to grab a coffee or walk to a meeting room. At home when our meeting room is also our desk and the kitchen is only a few metres away levels of activity can plummet. Inactivity is particularly hazardous to our health. Numerous studies have shown a strong link between cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other so-called "lifestyle diseases" to our sedentary behaviour. There are also studies that show a significant increase in mortality rate based solely on number of hours spent the more we can get moving every day the better.

Tips on how to be more active at home:

  • Movement reminder apps such as "stand up", "randomly remind me" and "workrave" can be used at home (and in the office) to give you notifications to get out of your chair. Some even come with stretching ideas. the main thing is to get up and move - even briefly - at frequent intervals (20-30minutes)

  • Keep your exercise mat/foam roller/gym ball near your desk or somewhere you walk past frequently to remind you to get down and do a couple of minutes of stretching/muscle release/core exercises. Fitting in a few minutes here and there throughout the day is a great way to prevent those stiff aches and pains from sitting too long.

  • Add in a "commute" to separate work and home life. At the start and end of your work day try a short walk around the yard or out along the street. It gets in some much needed steps and helps give your brain that definition between home time and work time plus a bit of space to wind down if your workday has been hectic.

  • Home work outs: Turns out you don't actually need all that fancy equipment at the gym to get your fitness levels up. If you have some equipment at home then great - you should use it (after all it takes up precious space in your home). If not then body weight exercises can be sufficiently H-A-R-D if you do them right. There are innumerable online sources of youtube exercise classes or instructions for self led exercises. Just make sure to pick something that is safe for your current level. This could be a great opportunity to try some beginner lessons on exercise styles you might not normally do or to fine tune your regular activity. If Self-motivation is really challenging for you or you would prefer the security of having a professional monitor your technique then sign up for a video-call class. Most gyms, personal trainers and clinics like ours are currently offering their sessions online.

Here at Bayside Health Nook you can take part in real-time online pilates and exercise physiology classes. We also offer 1-1 sessions with all our practitioners online. Book online or give us a call on 07) 31622778

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