Step to Prep

Updated: Jan 13

Children must develop strong, early skills in thinking, speech and language, movement, and regulation of their emotions and behaviour in order to have the best outcomes in life (Shoghi, Willersdorf, Braganza, & McDonald, 2013). The transition from home or early childhood education to the preparatory year of schooling is an important milestone in every family’s life.

Some children, however, require extra support in order to make a successful transition. Recent data from the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC, 2018) presented that up to 28% of children in Wynnum, were considered ‘developmentally vulnerable’ in one or more of the developmental domains in the preparatory year of school - physical health wellbeing, social skills, emotional development, language and cognition, or communication and general knowledge.

The challenges faced by such children may affect their continued learning as schooling demands increase. Supports delivered by a multidisciplinary team and the identification & provision of strategies to be implemented at home are key principles for promoting early supports in this crucial time (ECIA, 2016).

Bayside Health Nook’s ‘Steps to Prep’ program is a comprehensive program aimed to develop the skills needed to ensure a smooth transition to school. The program is developed by a paediatric team including an occupational therapist, speech pathologist and physiotherapist. This program will promote skills in listening, speaking, early literacy, fine & gross motor and independence in a fun and interactive way. At the end of the program parents will be provided with a report highlighting their child’s progress and suggestions for strategies to be implemented at home.

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