Type 2 Diabetes Education and Exercise Group

Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes are eligible to be referred by their GP to our group education and exercise class. Medicare provides cover for this program for eligible participants.  

dietitian and exercise physiologist led diabetes classed in Wynnum to improve your diabetes
Healthy Diet and exercise are important parts of managing diabetes

Following an initial assessment, participants attend 4 Group classes as part of the subsidised program (1 education session and 1 exercise session per visit).

A tailored program will be developed for each participant following the initial health and physical assessment.  Each 120 minute class will incorporate both cardiovascular, strength and balance exercises that can be completed at your own pace, as well as an education session that will cover topics such as:

  • blood glucose monitoring

  • food labels and recipe modification

  • exercise strategies

  • associated health care concerns

  • strategies for change

our dietitian and exercise physiologist will help learn how to manage hypos and hypers
Learn how to manage your glucose and insulin

Why should you join?

The exercise classes are run by an Exercise Physiologists so you can be sure you’re doing the exercises correctly; and the education sessions are run by a practicing dietitian, who is very experienced in managing diabetes.

Your program will be developed for you, with your health, fitness, limitations and goals in mind.

The group environment is suitable for everyone, irrespective of your current level of fitness, group sessions are more fun and motivating than exercising on your own!

Initial Assessment: Prior to attending the group class you are required to attend an initial assessment.  

This initial assessment is an opportunity to understand your current health, capabilities and physical status, your exercise history. We will also provide an explanation of how exercise can assist with improving quality of life and managing the condition long term. We will have an opportunity to determine and discuss your goals relating to health and exercise, and start developing strategies to achieve these goals.

An individualised exercise program will be developed, with instruction on correct technique, and how frequently this should be performed.

Awritten report will be returned to your referring GP, or other health professional if appropriate.

When and where? Classes are run every Friday from 8-10am.

How to book? You must be eligible and be referred by your doctor to receive a Medicare subsidy for group exercise.  Please ask your doctor to complete this referral form.

Private paying clients can book without a doctors referral, please contact us to book your initial assessment.  You may be eligible to claim these services from your private health fund if not eligible through Medicare.

Ongoing Exercise/Attendance All participants are welcome to continue their exercise journey by continuing on with their class as a private paying client.  Health fund rebates may apply.

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