Marie has worked as an occupational therapist for nearly 20 years, in both New Zealand and Australia. Her clinical experience has included a range of community and inpatient settings, with adults who live with chronic health conditions. Marie’s passion is rehabilitation of adults’ post brain injury, enabling them to live a meaningful life, engaging in the community, focusing on a holistic approach to her practice. 


In more recent years, Marie shifted her career into the education sector, working in both clinical placements and lecturing roles. Her role has included mentoring students to develop their skills in emerging practice settings and partnering with aged care and nonprofit organisations, to work alongside their clients who live with dementia. Some of her career highlights have included the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary student resourced clinic for clients living with neurological conditions, enabling them to develop life skills and maintain their wellbeing. Though Marie would not describe herself as “green fingered”, she project-managed an interdisciplinary community garden which focused on aspects of horticultural therapy and developed networks within local community. 

Marie is looking forward to partnering with you and your family to reach your goals, and to assist you to maintain yourself in your home and community, focusing on wellbeing. Marie enjoys the variety the role offers that enables her to work with you in your home, local community or in the clinic.   



Occupational Therapist




Occupational Therapist

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