Step to Prep

Are you ready to send your child to Prep next year?  Are you having doubts on how they will cope? Is your child going to be one of the younger kids in the class and your wanting professional advice? BHN Kids offers our Step - to - Prep program annually during October , November & December!

Our Step - to - Prep program is run by our Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Physiotherapist.  Classes are held for 1.5 hours twice per week for 4 weeks. Throughout this time children learn how to behave in a prep - like small class where each modality will provide activities and fun adventures for children to engage in, all the while reporting on their progress. 

Once the lessons are completed, parents are provided a 1:1 meeting with all 3 practitioners and will receive their child's report. This helps the parents gauge their child's readiness for school, and whether further therapy may be recommended.

Our intake limits are kept small so each child gets the attention they deserve and also allows practitioners to give a much more comprehensive report.

For more enquiries feel free to contact Reception on (07) 3162 2778