Type 2 Diabetes Program

Bayside Health Nook offer an 8 week exercise and education program to assist clients with Type 2 Diabetes.


The program is provided by our dietitian and exercise physiologist, and  involves:

  • Individual initial assessment

  • 8 group sessions of exercise and education

Sessions are held in a friendly and social group setting with other patients who are there for the same condition.

It is partially funded through Medicare, which means there is only a small out of pocket cost for those who attend. Anyone can self refer to this program, however to receive a medicare rebate, a referral is required from your GP. 


This is a great opportunity to make a positive change to your health and take steps to build good habits, improve your knowledge, have accountability and exercise in a comfortable environment. Having the guidance of qualified, university educated providers who really understand diabetes makes achieving your health goals achievable. 


Additional Individual Dietetics sessions are available (an EPC referral is required and can be found here) with information on diet, food choices and monitoring blood glucose levels.